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Safety Bingo Items

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The Smart Safety Programs safety bingo incentive program is a tried and true workplace safety incentive program proven over the years to be one of the best safety games for the workplace - reducing workers compensation, increasing employee motivation, and improve safety in the workplace. These behavior based work safety programs are more than just employee safety games. Use as employee incentives to improve attendance and quality of service as well as safety in the workplace - reducing Workers Compensation claims and improving customer and worker satisfaction. The Smart Safety Programs safety bingo incentive program is proven successful, highly customizable and easy to implement.

Smart Safety Programs Safety in the Workplace Overview
Smart Safety Programs Safety Incentive Program Customer Testimonials
Smart Safety Programs Employee Safety Benefits
ConAgra Wallet Size SAFETY Program GOLD Card
ConAgra Wallet Size SAFETY Program GOLD Card
Item Number:USB-W-Gold-CA
Custom ConAgra safety program GOLD cards! GOLD cards are used for rewarding positive behavior - such as perfect attendance - no tardiness - excellent customer service, etc. Cards fit easily into pocket or wallet. Does not require chips or daubers ! NOT FOR USE IN LICENSED BINGO GAMES. 1000 Cards per pack
Order 3 packs and save $$$$$
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100 Cards per Pack
BINGO for SAFETY Motivational Poster Set
BINGO for SAFETY Motivational Poster Set
Set of three motivational posters to use with the BINGO for SAFETY program.
Each poster is mounted in a 16" by 20" frame ready to be hung on the wall for easy visibility.
Designs may vary from those shown.
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The Smart Safety Programs safety bingo incentive program will improve employee safety in your workplace - making your employees safer and more productive, and your business more profitable.
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