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Comcast Masterboard
Comcast Masterboard
Item Number:Umb-comcast
Uniquely personalized safety bingo Masterboards and Status Boards for your company. Complete with your company colors and logo.The set consists of a BINGO for SAFETY MASTER BOARD for keeping track of the numbers called for the current game, and a BINGO for SAFETY STATUS BOARD to record information about the current game. There are places to fill in the game number, the current jackpot, the bingo number called that day, how many winners allowed for the current game, and the name(s) of the winner(s). The Status Board also has sample bingo cards to show what type of game is being played - Standard Bingo, Four Corners, Cross or some other variation which can be marked on the blank Bingo card on the poster.
Each Board is laminated so that information can easily be added or changed with dry-erase markers, and is mounted in a 16" by 20" frame ready to hang on the wall where employees can easily see it. This Kit also includes... a comprehensive Safety Incentive Bingo Program Manual to get you started FAST and to maximize success, a Dry-Erase Masterboard, a Dry Erase Game Status Board, a Bingo Cage with Balls and Masterboard for picking the numbers, and 1500 special wallet size SAFTY Bingo cards.
Price:$495.00    -    Safety Kit