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Item Number:USB-KIT-W
Proven successful for thousands of companies, the Smart Safety Program encourages employees to be safe, and reduces accidents and fraudulent injury claims. Also a performance incentive tool to reduce absenteeism and tardiness, as well as reward above average customer service and performance and discourage below average performance. The Smart Safety Program is an easy way to help your business improve safety in your workplace, reducing Workman's Compensation claims and increasing your bottom line. The Smart Safety Program Kit contains everything you need to get your business's Safety Incentive program started! Includes a comprehensive Safety Incentive Program Manual to get you started FAST and to maximize success, a framed 16" x 20" Dry-Erase Masterboard, a framed 16" x 20" Dry Erase Game Status Board, a Bingo Cage with Balls and Masterboard for picking the numbers, 1500 special SAFTY Bingo Wallet size cards and 150 bonus Gold Cards. Call for optional larger 24" x 36" Masterboard and Statusboard. One free hour of phone support is also included.
Price:$495.00    -    Kit with 16x20 Boards