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Statesman Color™Consoles

Double Statesman™ Color
Console only (dark finish): #45000260
Size: 96"L x24"W x 38"H
Shipping Wt.: 370 lbs.

Double Statesman™ Color

Complete with Statesman system electronics and bingo verification features, the Double Statesman™ Color system is ideal for large games using a Tear-Opens™ game format.

This system uses an extended Statesman style console fitted with two masterboard ball trays and wrap-around, acrylic windowed ball-mixing chambers with individual blowers and mixing arms. The modern design of its console and its unique programming features sets it apart from the competition. With independent electronic systems controlling each tray, two different games may be played simultaneously.

Features of the Double Statesman:
  • Manual and pre-programmed session operation with:
  • -20 programmable sessions
  • -up to 50 games per session
  • -up to 5 progressive multiple game patterns with corresponding dollar value and ball timer per game
  • Easier programmability of complex game patterns utilizing the Capitol® Exclusive Modular Game Pattern Building Block Technique™
  • 100 standard programmable game patterns, each with up to 45 possible winning combinations
  • 40 complex programmable game patterns, each with up to 400 possible winning combinations
  • Multiple game pattern display and verification
  • Password protection system
  • Multiple flashboard capability
  • Source selection for camera, printer and flashboard(s)
  • Full color composite video output for verification
  • Printed sequential audit trail with optional PC compatible 80 column dot matrix printer
  • Disable numbers section of flashboard option for speed bingo

Statesman™ Color

Statesman™ Color
Natural finish: #451250
Dark finish: #451260
Size: 51"L x 24"W x 38"H
Shipping Wt. 210 lbs.

Unique Features of the Statesman Color System:
  • Verifies Capitol's six UniMax® Series, 1-54,000 Series, 1-36,000 Dab-All™ Series, 1-24,000 Mini 75 Series, and the NEW  1-3,000 Dual Dab™ Series
  • Full color composite monitor output for verification
  • Memory mode for game in progress and Tear-Opens™
  • Easier programmability of complex game patterns utilizing the Capitol® Exclusive Game Pattern Building Block Technique™
  • Optional natural or dark oak wood finish
  • Wild number capability
  • Random number generator (optional)

Soft-touch Elastomer keypad.

Remote TV/Monitor Video Display
  • Full-color display of all potential winning bingo faces
  • Winning game pattern highlighted in red
  • Flashing last number called

The laws that determine the legality of these products change constantly.
It is the responsibility of the buyer to determine which products are legal in any given area.